Our donors

TAS believes that all students are entitled to equal learning opportunities regardless of their financial circumstances. We are here to help give students access to the tutoring they need and deserve.

The Tutoring-Aid Society is able to maintain its legacy of success through the support of private individuals, philanthropic institutions, and public-sector funding opportunities. We thank you for your continued support.  We wish to recognize the following donors (including those who wish to remain anonymous) who have generously contributed $1,000 or more (cash or in-kind), strengthening our reach and impact. 

Throughout 30 years, TAS has provided more than $300,000 in tutoring hours to our students.

We’d like to sincerely thank the following for their ongoing support:

Homework Club initiative

The Tutoring-Aid Society (TAS) gratefully acknowledges G&F Financial Group for their $2000 donation to help tutor students in need. This donation has been used to implement a successful Homework Club at Mt. Pleasant School, serving 10 students in grades 4-7 with tutoring help they would otherwise have been unable to afford. TAS is grateful for the help G&F Financial is putting into the education of Vancouver’s future generations.

Special thanks to Ildi Varga

When I began tutoring in the late 1970s, I was disturbed that only some of the children who needed help could receive it.  (At the time, the $7 hourly fee was beyond the budget of many families.)   The group of us who established Teachers’ Tutoring Service in the early ‘80s attempted to address this inequality by developing the subsidy system. That original plan has evolved into the Tutoring-Aid Society.  I’m proud to be on the Board of that organization, and wish to continue to find ways to fund children who don’t have the means to pay today’s tutoring fees of $40 hr. or more.  I feel privileged and grateful that I was able to donate to TAS to enhance their good work.  I wish to thank my Mom, Mrs. Ilona Bolya Drechsel, whose legacy made this possible. 

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