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About Us

TAS believes that all students are entitled to equal learning opportunities regardless of their financial circumstances. We are here to help give students access to the tutoring they need and deserve.

 TAS is supported by the qualified teacher tutors of the Teachers’ Tutoring Service (TTS) and the subsidies they provide.  

TTS, with the funding support of TAS, provides one-to-one tutoring by certified teacher tutors for one hour per week at a greatly reduced rate.

 We believe a strong educational foundation is key to providing youth with the skills to succeed in the future, and our goal is to increase the scope of our offerings through technology in order to remain current and maximize our students’ future opportunities. 


To fund tutoring for students whose potential remains unrealized because of financial constraints. 


To create a community where no student will be denied tutoring because of a lack of money. 


TAS began as the charitable arm of Teachers’ Tutoring Service (TTS).  In 1983 TTS was started by a co-operative of teachers at the British Columbia Teachers Federation to connect un/under-employed teachers with students requiring tutoring in elementary and high school subjects.

 TTS became aware that many students of low-income families required but could not afford tutoring services. As a result, TTS began to offer reduced rates to low-income families. Then, to provide subsidies for such students, Tutoring-Aid Society was established as a registered charity in 1990 with a separate Board of Directors.  The Tutoring-Aid Society (TAS) was born out of, and fulfills the mandate of, generosity of spirit and a belief that all students should have equal opportunity for help from qualified, professional teachers.

 At its launch, TAS received generous support from the following organizations:

•    B.C. Gaming Commission
•    Chevron Canada Limited
•    Chris Spencer Foundation
•    The Hamber Foundation
•    Morris and Helen Belkin Foundation
•    Teachers’ Tutoring Service
•    Vancouver Foundation

The TAS ‘piggy-backs’ on Teachers’ Tutoring Service by sharing staff and tutors to reduce operating costs and to provide access to certified teachers wanting to tutor.    

The Society is governed by an active and dedicated Board, administered by a volunteer Executive Director and Coordinator, and its services are delivered by contracted tutors, all of whom are certified teachers.

The Tutoring-Aid Society’s charitable Tax Number is 892442369 RR0001, Est. 1990 


Our president’s word

Teachers in our public school system do their very best for the students in their classrooms. Despite that, many students find themselves in need of extra help, and some of those cannot afford the usual tutoring costs. TAS provides 1-1 professional tutoring to low-income students. We (the tutors) help students not only with their immediate challenges with a particular subject area, but also with approaches to learning that will help them in a broader sense. We give students strategies of how to learn more effectively. We help them with time management. We build on their abilities and with that their self-esteem. We understand the education system and work with teachers to help students to succeed.
I am immensely proud of the work that is being done every day by our qualified tutors. I think that Greater Vancouver is extremely lucky to have an organization like the Tutoring-Aid Society. I hope that we will be able to find more interesting and innovative ways of helping more students to succeed with their academic goals.

Danny Laufer


Tutoring-Aid Society

TAS Board Members

  • Daniel Laufer
  • Judy Storr
  • Ildi Varga
  • William Raikes.
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